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[dictionary of work and organizational psychology]


[work and culture]

Dictionary of Psychology of Work and Organizations, with 80 entries on key concepts for the practice, teaching, and research in this field of knowledge in Brazil. It brings together 77 Brazilian researchers, expert in each subject.



This books arises from the observation that mainstream psychology, especially work and organisational psychology (WOP), suffers from critical limitations in its attempts to deal with the complexities of work as a cultural phenomenon.





[work clinics]


[psychology and work]

2nd edition. This work presents the fundamentals and historical bases of clinical theories of work, both in the texts from their principal authors (from France, such as Clot, Lhuilier, Dejours, Enriquez, Chanlat, Gaulejac, among others), as well as from leading Brazilian authors, who highlight the implications and applications of these theories in Brazil.


Psychology, by using specific theoretical and methodological reconstruction strategies, appropriates work and contributes to the production of new perspectives on its value and representation in people's psychological lives. The book examines the main forms of appropriation of work by this science.




[work and identity]


[creative industries]


Based on analysis of the meaning that work acquired, in modern times, as one of the main reference points for personal identity, the book seeks to understand how, in postmodernity, the arrangement between work and identity was being gradually dismantled.


This book brings together studies by Brazilian researchers, plus notable studies by foreign researchers. The collection aims to contribute to the understanding of the creative industries by constructing a panel of empirically-based essays and studies.







[method in work clinics]

[the fetishes of management]

The volume discusses the fundamentals of research and knowledge production in work psychology, specifically in work clinics. It covers the principal theoretical and methodological perspectives of these clinics with an emphasis on intervention and the transformation of working conditions.


By using the word fetish as a metaphor to analyze the field of management, the book presents common situations in the day-to-day of any professional, raises questions, and at the same time plunges deep into specific topics such as the enterprization of society and managerial discourse.




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