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I would like to welcome visitors to my homepage. I have two main objectives in mind in maintaining it.

First objective: to present the reflections I am developing on four interconnected themes, analyzed from various viewpoints - in psychology, philosophy, and management.

The first theme is work. Specifically, about how work is interconnected with personal identity (see the section work and identity).

The second theme is action. More precisely, human behavior / performance at work (see the section texts).

There is, also in the texts section, a third theme: epistemology of psychology and of work/organizatinal psychology, in which I problematize fundamental categories related to the construction of knowledge in this area.

The fourth theme, more current in my research studies, refers to the processes of meaning-making in work (see the section research). The reader will have access to some of the advances that I have made in the study of the topics indicated in this section.

Second objective: to bring together and share various thoughts on various subjects. The concept is to present ideas inspired in personal readings of books, websites, articles, material, blogs, etc. - that I will always introduce in brief reflections, which is a blog.

Finally, I hope the reader enjoys this homepage and feels completely free to write me and share his or her impressions.


Pedro F. Bendassolli





Pedro F. Bendassolli, PhD in Social Psychology of Work, USP / Brazil (2006). Did postdoctoral internships at the Université Paris IX - Dauphine, France, in the PSTO, Institute of Psychology - UNB / Brazil, and at the Aalborg University, Denmark (Centre for Cultural Psychology). For more information about his background, professional activities, and publications, click on the icon below to access his CV in the Plataforma Lattes of CNPq.


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